Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tied up with stuff

I have been really busy and occupied in every possible way, working on starting a new business, working on the product, planning out the business side, really exciting and.... well busy. I have been following the challenge scene, but have not been able to participate. But today I finally made a card for Mojo Monday, hopefully will follow through with a few more.

And very exciting for me, I made Origami boxes, super....... I feel so good about them, they look terrific. I will upload the pictures with the pictures of the challenge card.
Thing is, we need to buy a new camera, and I have also been waiting on that, we will get the camera, I'll take pictures of what I have been upto and upload them for the world to see.So, crossed fingers on that.
This time in my life is good, exciting and frustrating, like all good things.
So, hopefully see you soon with more crafty stuff.