Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kristina Color Challenge # 50

Hi there, a card for Kristina's color challenge, cool colors and wonderful submissions. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Sketches for You Card

Hi, back sooner than I thought, but then I have promised myself couple of things, blogging is one of them. 2 Sketches for U, is an exciting challenge and I also like the feel of their designers' work. Without further ado, here's my card. I enjoyed making it, hope you'll also enjoy it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kristina's Color Challenge

Hi guys, now two posts in a day is too much, but I have been meaning to make something Kristina's color challenge. Her work is quite an inspiration, very direct, without any fuss and beautiful.

Here's my card, enjoy.

My Mojo Monday

Hey people, I have been busy as usual, great news, bought a brand new Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS, awesome results. You'll know by looking at my card pictures, what I mean. So without further ado, my Mojo Monday card, see you later.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tied up with stuff

I have been really busy and occupied in every possible way, working on starting a new business, working on the product, planning out the business side, really exciting and.... well busy. I have been following the challenge scene, but have not been able to participate. But today I finally made a card for Mojo Monday, hopefully will follow through with a few more.

And very exciting for me, I made Origami boxes, super....... I feel so good about them, they look terrific. I will upload the pictures with the pictures of the challenge card.
Thing is, we need to buy a new camera, and I have also been waiting on that, we will get the camera, I'll take pictures of what I have been upto and upload them for the world to see.So, crossed fingers on that.
This time in my life is good, exciting and frustrating, like all good things.
So, hopefully see you soon with more crafty stuff.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saturday Raspberry (very sedate) Crazinesss

The Saturday brought another 'Sketch Saturday' and allowed me to combine it with the Dawn's Raspberry Suite Challenge. I loved making this card and I think my taste and style is already maturing and I am learning to keep the card simpler, but still have an impact.
In the photograph the 'celery/moss' color have not come out as it actually is, but it is still good card.
Guys do leave comments and tell me what do you think of it, how else it could be improved.
So enjoy and keep crafting.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Monday Family Affair

Everyday is a family affair, and today especially, because I have 2 cards for my parents. This card for Mojo Monday and Cute Card Thursday is actually for my dear sweet mother. I miss her most of all, she is more of a friend than a mother, even though she can be a tyrant when she wants, but a surprisingly wise tyrant. So people I miss my friend most of all.

It's Sunday, sunny sunday, relaxed and bright. I feel like going out and buying loads of flowers for my garden, which is mostly weeds right now. I have a long way to go before I reach the flowers stage, so good luck to me. Still a long way to go.

Card Thursday

Don't you love Basic Grey. No, don't answer that, there are few crazies like me. Their 'ambrosia' collection is dusky, dark and mysterious enough for this card i wanted to make for my father.

The colors are masculine enough, and i used beige and chocolate card stock to set off the citrus effect. I also used a paislee painted dark chocolate, American crafts ribbons and another wide organza chocolate colored ribbon. For my piercing, a little heart in beige.
This card meets two challenges, Cute Card Thursday #53 (family affair) and Twisted Thursday #4 (sketch & piercing), .............. wicked! :)

I'm missing my parents more and more, nowadays, even though me and my father, hardly used to talk, i still miss being around him. So coming up is another card, this one for my mother.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2 Sketches 4 U, Laura's Sketch 22

'2 sketches 4 you' keep coming up with wonderful sketches to play with. Here's my take.I used a light turquoise patterned paper, treated it's edges with ink to give it an antiqued look, then made a frame from the reverse side of the same paper, that's the darkest of grey.

I used the beautiful paislee design paper by Heidi Grace. I cut out some paislee out of card box and painted them with acrylic paint.
I doodled on a piece of card stock with the message and decorated it ribbons.

Sketch Saturday


Patterned paper - 2 Scoop Basic Grey papers,
Light Grey Card stock,
Navy Blue Card stock,
Navy Blue buttons,
Green paperclips,
Swirls cut out of card box,
White and Navy checkered Ribbon,
Blue Lagoon Versa mark stamp pad,
Dark Green & Turquoise pointer pens.

The Sketch Saturday challenge, has a lot of layers and that's the tricky part to make all the layers look good and work them all together. The blue and green combination worked well together, with the cute little, fat owl in the front. 

The owl is painted with acrylic paints.


Pink Card stock
Patterned paper, black scribbled, pink Ivy
Pink Buttons
Black thread
Tree cut out of cardboard
Pink Felt in Background (for texture)

This Pink Elephant challenge really challenged me, because I am low on my favorite paper nowadays, so went through my stack and managed to come up with a real cute combination. Baby Pink and darkest of brown. 
I cut out the tree trunk from card box and painted with acrylic paints and decorated with fruit cut-out of felt and paper.
Further decorated it thread and buttons. I love this card, perfect for anyone you care about. 

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge # 1

This exciting little challenge  prompted me to make a ribbon dispenser box decorated with my favorite colors.  

I created my own template, with my own dimensions and all, (i'm sooo excited about it :) ) and i decided not to make it a simple box, but to give it a slant at the bottom.

I used thicker card stock to make the box, then decorated it with patterned paper, ribbon, a button and swirls cut out of card box, and then painted it with acrylic paint.                                                                                                                                                                         
I decided on the dimensions i wanted for my box, thats 4" x 6" and 4" deep. And then I drew on the cardstock.
I created tabs all around to bring the box together with my clear adhesive. Then I covered the box with patterned paper in desirable colors, by cutting out strips of paper in different widths and sticking on the card stock in an abstract manner.   

I marked tabs on the longer sides of the box, folded them in and pressed them down with some clear scotch tape. Now I have slots on the longer sides to pass my ribbon outside of the box.

I gave the same treatment to the lid of the box created with the card stock. I then cut embellishments out of cardboard (discarded cereal boxes), and painted them with chocolate brown acrylic paint. I used clear adhesive to stick them to the box and tied the ribbon with the pink button.   

I can pull out any ribbon of my choice with ease and cut off the length I need without bringing out the ribbon. The ribbon are all on display for me to select for a project. And the box has plenty of space to store loads of big ribbon spools.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cup Cake Challenge


American Craft Cardstock
Paper Passion, Scarp bag
Blue Polks dots Paper
Marbig Paperclip - Blue
American Craft Button - Blue
Celebrate, Ribbon by the Spool - Blue Organza
Basic Grey Alphas - Milk Chocolate Chip
Mymemories, Chipboard Cut outs

Very simple, i guess both cards today on the simple side, but i was thinking of something big 'dream big' , 'fly high'.
I made a little tag with cardboard and covered it brown lovely scrap piece, attached it button and tied the card over with a ribbon. The Basic Grey stuff is a dream, think of the title of the alphas, 'milk chocolate chip' (looks like chocolate too). Ladies, DREAM BIG!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Orange - 2 Papers Recipe Card

Light Grey Cardstock
MYmemories Patterened paper, Orange
Paper Passion, Shimmer & Shine

Copper Craft wire
Star-clip - Orange
2 Navy Blue buttons

The inspiration for this card came from the beautiful MYmemories paper, it has little birds and butterflies embossed and glittered on it, in a tone on tone manner. And the paper in the front is one of my favourite pieces from the 'Paper Passion' collection. Only 4 embellishments kept it really simple and emphasis the birds and butterflies in the background. The copper wire is keeping it all together. So fly high....... 

P.S: I havn't forgotten the tattered edges. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Maria's Blog Candy - One Year Anniversary

 Hello everyone, I'm new at blogging, but not really new at card making. I hope u have enjoyed my cards which i have created to meet different card making challenges. Please let me know which ones u like the best.

And hop on to 'Maria's Blog', its her 1st blogging anniversery and she has some CANDY on offer, don't miss it.

2 Sketches 4 U, Kazan's Sketch 22

Yellow Cardstock

American Crafts, Moda Bella Fresh - Patterned paper
American Crafts, Moda Bella Sophisticated - Patterned paper
American Crafts, oda Bella Dazzling - Patterned paper
Krafty Savers, Double Satin Ribbon - Hotpink
Button - yellow
Thread - seagreen
Caryola Washable Markers - Orange
Paper Craft, Clear Stamper Alphas - Italic letters

Here is my twist to the 2 Sketches 4 You card sketch, with beautiful coloured, patterned and plain paper, bright ribbon. I have cut out a flower of a patterned paper with leaf and have covere a plain card piece with cut-out circles from the patterned paper. I have added depth and given a 3D look with the foam adhesives. And i also coloured the edge of the yellow cardstock with the orange marker to set off the yellow layer. Enjoy! 

Paper Therapy, Twisted Thursday Challenge

Light Blue Cardstock
Heidi Grace designs, Shimmer Foiled Paper - Reagan's Closet / Paisley 
Heidi Grace designs, Shimmer Foiled Paper - Reagan's Closet / Tinsel
Paper Chic, Vellum - Polka Dots

Flowers cut out of Felt - Light Pink, Turquoise

Brads - 2 different series
The Paper Mill, Alphas & Phrases - Glitter
Marbig, Coloured Paperclips - Pink
Joojies, Mini Pegs - Pink
Star Clips - Metallic Turquoise
Buttons - Light Pink, Purple
Shell Discs - Smoke
Shell Elaongated pieces - Coral

Thankyou Paper Therapy for such a nice little mouse, i have used it twice, one kind of a standard size, the other a tiny one. (very cute). I have transformed the flowers with flowers cut out of felt, and fitted with buttons and shell discs. I have used all sorts of hardware brads, paperclips, mini pegs, buttons, shell discs, star clips and long shell pieces, really beautiful. 
The card has turned out really well, i don't know how much you can see in the photograph. My favourite paper too. :)

Just For The Love Of Buttons - 6th Pink Elephant Challenge

Medium Grey Cardstock

Bella! Elegance Paperz - Black & White Floral
Krafty Savers Double Satin Ribbon - Hotpink
American Crafts Premium Ribbon - Striped Pink
Tons Of Buttons
Paper Craft Clear Stamper - Italic Letters
Versa Ink - Rose Red, Lagoon Blue
Stamp It Up - Pink
Steadtler - Triplus Fine liner Pens

Buttons are one of my favourite things, and i have loads of them. Thats why coming up with this card design for 'The Pink Elephant Challenge' was so easy. I used Navy blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow and Green buttons against black and white background, set off against light grey cardstock. Trust me very sophisticated, (i think so). And the card says 'Just For The Love Of Buttons'. I hope u enjoy it as much as i did.

Basic Grey Challenge 26 - All Round

Cardstock - Light Yellow

Basic Grey Patterned Paper - Two Scoop
Krafty Savers Ribbon - Light Green
Medium Green Button
Little Hearts Brads
Marbig Coloured Paper Clips - White, Orange
Hot Of The Press Clear Stamps - Journaling
Versa Ink Pad - Bamboo
Heidi Grace Design, Small Alpha Rubons - Wildflowers

I'm not in love with this card design, :), funny i made it, Well i'm in love with the Basic Grey paper, thats why i had, had to take this challenge. I have also inked the edges of paper to create depth, and have given a 3-D effect with foam adhesives.
Hey, there are new products coming in April by Basic Grey. I have already pre-ordered my 'Lime Rickey' paper range at 123 Scrapbooking, must check out, totally awsome.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ARTY GIRLZ Weekly Challenge - SMILE

This is my card for the topic SMILE, lovely fresh colours, using the paper from another of my favourites, Basic Grey, love their 2 SCOOPS. Hope u enjoy it.

HEAVEN-SENT - Melaine's Competition, March 2009

This card i have created is for sweet, dear husband, the man in my life. It portrays the two wonderful qualities i love him for, his 'sensitivity' and 'kindness'. The card is masculine enough to be loved by him, which he labeled as 'Batman Card'.  ENJOY!


My card is about spring and sunshine. Made from my favourite Heidi Grace papers, love that collection, embelished with pink buttons and beautiful spring ribbon . A play of shapes and inks. I loved making it, I hope u ENJOY it.